Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

Welcome to Fernstar's SkyClan!

This site was created by Waterheart. Waterheart  is one of Fernstar's daughters and Feathertail is waterhearts friend. Waterheart was forced to give it up because she had too many sites. She had to delete a few of her sites, but luckily Feathertail offered to keep the website running and updated. She now owns the website! Feathertail has a helper now and her name is Grassheart!

If you want to contact me, then go to http://www.freewebs.com/catswarriorscat/ , there I am Featherstar. Thanks!


Post stuff here! Please don't join SkyClan here, but you can comment on the site and stuff  Enjoy!


Waterheart and Flamepelt's kits, Firekit, Nightkit, Swiftkit, and Brightkit are all up for joining. Please join as them! If you find anything wrong with this site, please let me know  ♥Feathertail♥

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