Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

The Elders' Den

Here is... oh wow, you already guessed! The elders' den! This den was actually made by small, thorny bushes. As the elders tell the story, when SkyClan came to their camp, there were lots of thornbushes that were full of prickles. They didn't want to carry them out of the camp, and they already had enough bushes to surround the camp with. So instead, the elders had the idea of turning them into a den. The warriors pushed the bushes into a circle with a small gap to enter and exit through. Then they took lichens and hanging moss from the Good Moss Place and draped it over the inside parts of the thornbushes, leaving a formidable barrier on the outside. Then the cats placed reeds and sticks on the top of the bushes, just like the apprentices' den, creating a leafy roof that was strong and sturdy. The floors here are always fresh with new, dry moss, supplied by the apprentices.