Fernstar's SkyClan

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♥Find your mate♥

If you are looking for a mate, here is the place to find yours! Post something in the chatbox below, for example "Waterheart: A quiet, sweet silver tabby she-cat. Wants a nice tom that will love her and will never doubt her loyalty." If you have a crush on someone, say so.

The tom/she-cat you want to be mates with must agree to be your mate, and all you have to put is (for example) "Waterheart and Flamepelt are mates." I will put you down as mates as soon as possible, and the she-cat will be expecting kits. If you don't want to have kits quite yet, let me know! You can choose the description of your kits if you want, or you can let me choose the description for you. The parents can agree together on names for their kits once the kits are born. You can only have one mate at a time, and if you choose the not be mates anymore, then you can't act like you are mates with that cat. That should only be done when you really dislike your mate, not just because a cooler cat comes along who you'd rather be mates with. All cats may have 3 litters at most together, but you cannot have a litter while you're already nursing kits.

Medicine cats can have kits, but you have to keep it a secret from the rest of the clan. For example, if you are a medicine she-cat and you are having kits, you'll have to give them up to another queen who agrees to take them. Niether of you can tell the clan whos kits they actually are. If you are a medicine cat and you father a she-cat's kits, then niether of you can tell the kits who the father is. In both cases, on this page I'll put who you have a crush on or if you want a mate, but I can't say that you are mates with the other cat. If you're a normal warrior, and you learn that a medicine cat is having kits, then you have to keep quiet about it as well!

If you are a leader, you may have kits, and your deputy shall be recognized as the temporary leader. If you are a deputy, you may have kits as well, but the leader must appoint a temporary deputy. If both the leader and the deputy are in the nursery, then the leader must choose a temporary deputy.

Apprentices can have crushes and/or be looking for a mate, but you can only promise to be mates with a warrior or another apprentice. You can be mates and have kits after you are a warrior. Kits can only have crushes.

P.S. To older kids- Don't use the real word for mate on here. There are young people on this site and you must respect us! If you don't you will be thrown out of SkyClan. No exceptions.

P.P.S. If you want a picture of yourself and your mate, click here! It's Waterheart's kit website, and she'll take graphics.

p.p.p.s Waterheart's kits have a new website now go to http://www.freewebs.com/lightfeather-/home2.htm


Fernstar and Scarmask

Leopardstripe and Rowanclaw

Cloudfrost and Feathertail

Waterheart and Flamepelt

Shrewwisker and Lightheart


Wildfire likes Cedarclaw

Fernstar has a crush on Scarmark

Scarmark has a crush on Fernstar

Suntiger likes Ceadarclaw

Grassheart likes Ceadarclaw

Looking for a mate:

Wildfire, warrior she-cat, wants kits

Runningbrook, medicine she-cat, DOES NOT WANT KITS

Joyheart, warrior she-cat, doesn't want kits yet

Suntiger, queen she-cat, already has kits

Featherfur, warrior she-cat, wants kits

Grassheart, warrior she-cat, wants kits