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Fun Warriors Stuff

This is a page solely for fun! If you have artwork, pictures, or other stuff you think should go on this page, let me know on the Questions page. So let's have some fun! 


Warriors Contest!

Yes!!! It's the moment you've all been waiting for- a contest to enter!!!!!!!!!! There will be prizes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So let me think about what the contest should be.... hmm...... thinking.... uh.... I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The contest is *drumroll*.... WRITE A WARRIORS FANFICTION!!!

Things you must include:
-The sentence "When _________ padded in with a _________, all the _____Clan cats stared." Fill in the blanks and underline the sentence in your story.
-It must take place during greenleaf.
-No cussing or inappropriate stuff!
-It must be a SHORT STORY- up two typed pages on Microsoft Word. You can send it to my email,
mushroomfish@gmail.com, or go to the Questions/Rules page and send it to me that way.
-Be creative! The more creative, the better! The deadline is June 10th. Have fun!

Your questions go here:

Warriors Fanfiction

Okay... I had to do a story with my spelling words for L.A., and I decided to make it about Waterheart! Our stories had to include 10 of our spelling words (btw, I'm in super-advanced spelling, which is really where I have 10 words instead of 20 but I have to memorize the definitions too, so that's why my words are so strange). They also had to end with "All he/she could do was watch his/her __________ blow away down the canyon.

My story is a little outdated and of course this would never happen (at least I hope not) and besides, it doesn't really fit with the characters' personalities. But it was the best I could do... Have fun reading it!

These were my spelling words (they're underlined in the story):
stricture- a limitation, a restriction
loquacious- talks a lot or too much
egregious- extremely bad; flagrant
consummate- supremely skillful; perfect; complete
vocation- an occupation/job
juxtapose- to place side by side
microcosm- the world in miniature
exigency- an emergency/urgency
lugubrious- exaggeratedly mournful
where's the other one? uh-oh, i think I forgot one

The Story

            Waterheart stepped out of the nursery into the sunlight, her silver tabby fur sparkling with dew. IT was dawn, and she felt the need to stretch her legs. It was hard to care for five young kittens, especially when she was the only nursing she-cat in all of SkyClan, the Clan of cats that she lived in. She glanced at the fresh-kill pile, which was low. The warriors needed to fill it up soon.

“Hey Waterheart!” a brown tom with white paws called. “Do you want to go hunting?”

Waterheart perked up at the sight of her new friend. “Sure, Rowanclaw!” she replied. Rowanclaw was new to SkyClan, but they were already great friends.

“I’ll go get Nettlepaw to watch your kits,” he purred. There was a stricture that nursing queens were not to leave their kits unguarded, so they had to call on apprentices to help watch them.

While Rowanclaw trotted off, a voice sounded from behind Waterheart. “Hello, beautiful,” it purred, and a large flame-colored tomcat stepped out from the shadows. “Do you want to go on patrol with me?”

“Flamepelt!” Waterheart meowed happily. Flamepelt was her mate, and the father of her kits. “Well… sorry but I already promised Rowanclaw I’d go hunting.”

Flamepelt’s gaze hardened. “Again? That cat is too loquacious- he talks too much! He’s egregious and bad- not consummate and perfect, you know.”

Waterheart shrank away from his glare. “Rowanclaw isn’t bad,” she meowed defensively. Why did Flamepelt have to be jealous of her friend?

“And it isn’t your vocation to be his lady-in-waiting either!” spat Flamepelt indignantly, “Who would you rather be in juxtapose with? Me or Rowanclaw?”

“Flamepelt! He’s only a friend!” Waterheart wanted to wail, but instead she meowed, “You, of course! You’re my mate, but you shouldn’t make me feel bad and guilty!”

The two cats glared at each other for a moment, until Rowanclaw bounded up. “I’ve asked Nettlepaw to watch your kits- Waterheart! What’s wrong?”

Flamepelt stared at the other tom, bristling. “Why would Nettlepaw have to watch them when their father is here?” he growled, and whipped around, padding to the nursery.

Rowanclaw looked at Waterheart. “What’s up with him?” he asked.

Waterheart shrugged. “He thinks I fancy you or something,” she meowed sadly, “so he’s off to the kits’ little microcosm. He thinks I don’t care about them!”

The brown cat touched his nose to her flank. “That’s tough,” he meowed sympathetically, “come on, let’s hunt.”

Waterheart nodded, and they bounded out of the camp entrance, heading to a small canyon. The marsh, a wet area that was great for collecting herbs, was in the canyon. It was also an excellent place to catch crawdads.

Rowanclaw began squishing through the marsh, wincing at the mud squelching between his claws. He pounced on an unsuspecting mouse and killed it quickly. “Nice catch!” Waterheart called, and he nodded in thanks.


Meanwhile, Flamepelt was stewing in his anger and jealousy as he watched his kits play. “Nettlepaw,” he called to the apprentice, “please watch the kits. I’m going for a walk.”

The white she-cat nodded, and he trotted out of the camp, picking up Waterheart and Rowanclaw’s scents. He followed them towards the canyon, until he reached the edge of the drop-off. Flamepelt saw them below, stalking through the swamp. Suddenly a loner, Leaf, trotted towards Rowanclaw and Waterheart. They meowed greetings to each other, and a plan unfolded in Flamepelt’s mind.

He got up and bounded back to the camp. “Fernstar!” he called to the SkyClan leader. Immediately the silver tabby, her piercing sky-blue eyes glinting, leaped out of her den. She was Waterheart’s mother as well as leader.

“What is it, Flamepelt?” she meowed anxiously.

“Rowanclaw and Waterheart were consorting with rogues! I think they’re planning to attack the camp- it’s an exigency! I know she’s my mate, but…” he trailed off, acting lugubrious.

Fernstar’s tail twitched. “Tell me everything!” she demanded, and Flamepelt gave her a fake story, starting with how Waterheart and Rowanclaw had been acting strange, how he had followed them, and saw them plotting with a bloodthirsty rogue.

Finally she nodded. “We must get down there immediately to hold trial, and alert the Clan,” she hissed, and called for the cats. Once SkyClan had assembled, Fernstar announced what Flamepelt had seen. Ominous mutterings were heard after a shocked silence. “Remember how Waterheart always used to run away?” “I knew we shouldn’t have taken in Rowanclaw,” “What will happen to Waterheart and Flamepelt’s kits?”

“Silence!” Fernstar snapped. “Feathertail, Leopardstripe, Sunpaw, Scarmask, Cedarclaw, Lightheart, you shall all come with Flamepelt and I to the canyon.”

The cats she had chosen nodded, and Feathertail, Fernstar’s deputy, rounded them up to follow their leader down to the canyon to hold a trial for the guilty cats.


Waterheart was feeling very pleased. She had caught a huge thrush and was sharing it with Rowanclaw when she suddenly heard a cat yowl. “Was that Leaf?” she exclaimed anxiously. The kind loner she-cat had stopped by them to deliver a warning that there were foxes in the area.

“No,” meowed Rowanclaw, “I think it was Fer-”

His meow was cut off by an angry screech, and cats suddenly burst through the undergrowth, led by Flamepelt and her mother, Fernstar. Fernstar was glaring at them, and she leaped onto a large rock. “Let the accused, Rowanclaw and Waterheart, present and explain themselves!” she growled.

Waterheart and Rowanclaw were shoved needlessly by Scarmask, Waterheart’s father, up to the rock. Bewildered, Waterheart asked, “What are you talking about?”

Fernstar ignored her. “Waterheart, Rowanclaw, do you admit you spoke kindly to a rogue cat?” she demanded.

The two exchanged shocked glances. “Yes, but we were talking to-”

“And do you concur that you are planning a surprise attack on the SkyClan camp?”

“What?” Rowanclaw hissed. As Waterheart opened her mouth to speak, a low growl sounded behind Fernstar. Leaf had been right- there were foxes in the area. A curious young one had wandered up to the group.

“It’s an ambush!” yowled Flamepelt. For some reason, he was smirking at his mate. Lightheart and Leopardstripe leaped at the fox, driving it away, while Fernstar held her ground, still glaring at the accused.

“Do you claim you know something about foxes?” she snarled.

“We were talking to Leaf, she told us there were foxes in the-” Waterheart cried, but Flamepelt interrupted.

“They clearly made a plan with the rogue to kill you with the foxes Fernstar! They must have known you would come out alone, and planned to ambush you!” he called.

Fernstar’s eyes widened- this all seemed to make sense to her. “Rowanclaw, Waterheart, I permanently declare you exiled from SkyClan, charged of trying to kill your leader-” Waterheart couldn’t believe what her mother was saying, “and denying it. You have until sundown to get out of our territory. If we find you here again, we will have to harm you.”

“But what about my family? My Clan? My kits? Flamepelt!” Waterheart yowled. For a moment he looked unsure- but then he smirked at her again. A lone tear trickled down Fernstar’s cheek as she jumped down to stand beside Scarmask. “You are no daughter of ours,” she pronounced, “and Flamepelt’s kits will stay with him in SkyClan.” She waved her tail and bounded away up the canyon, leaving her daughter and Rowanclaw behind. Flamepelt followed.

All Waterheart could do was watch her love, hope, and happiness blow away down the canyon.

My Drawings

Yes I drew all the pictures on here! I'm a terrible artist  Sorry I took the comments away because no one was commenting anyways.

This is supposed to be SkyClan at a Clan meeting. The cat sitting on the Highcliff is Fernstar. You can see the medicine cat den underneath Fernstar, and the black-and-white cat is supposed to be a medicine cat. No, that med. cat isn't based off of anyone. The cats sitting on the grass are sort of random. The orange cat on the far left is just a random guy. The golden she-cat with the black spots sitting to his right is supposed to be Leopardstripe, Fernstar's deputy who is also her best friend in real life . The silver, gold, black-and-white tortoiseshell is also a random cat. The cat sitting next to the tortoiseshell is supposed to be blueish-gray with dark flecks, but that is still just a random cat. The silver tabby she-cat sitting on the far right next to the nursery is me, Waterheart! The black cat down below is another random cat (but SORT OF based off of Fernstar's mate Scarmask). Yes, the boulder leaning against the Highcliff and the mossy stuff hanging down is supposed to be form the nursery. Tell me what you think of my drawing!

Actually, this drawing isn't too bad. Obviously it's me, Waterheart. I used color pencils and marker here. I especially like the one of me where I'm walking along with my head up and my tail streaming out. It's an unusually long tail , but I think I made myself look rather pretty there. Let me know what you think!

Here is a picture of our SkyClan that I drew. Sadly, lots of SkyClan cats aren't in this one, since I made this when the site first opened. But from left to right: Fernstar, Feathertail (your colors are way to dark in this drawing), Runningbrook, Waterheart, Flamepelt, and Sunpaw. I hope I got the colors sort of right .

Here's a picture of Waterheart (me!) and my mate, Flamepelt. We haven't had kits yet, so its just the two of us