Fernstar's SkyClan

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 This is where you can join SkyClan. It's very simple: Just follow my example here(*is required):

*Name: Waterheart

*Gender: She-cat

*Rank: Warrior

*Description: Beautiful silver tabby she-cat with a shiny pelt that glows in the sunlight. She has brilliant green eyes.

*Personality: Usually sweet, calm, attentive, quiet, and patient. Can sometimes be a little stubborn and snappy, but is mainly kind and warm-hearted.

Mate/Crush: Flamepelt

History/kin: Fernstar (mother), Scarmask (father), Moonpaw, Sandpaw, Rosepaw (sisters), Silverkit, Mystickit (half-sisters), Whitefur (half-brother). She also has many other aunts and cousins. She is a little secretive from times when she had run away from home, but loves her sisters and mother deeply.

For now, please only join as 4 cats at the most! I don't want you ruling the clan with 10 cats that are controlled by the same person.

If you have a photo you found on Google images, etc, give me the site address and I'll get you that photo for your cat. If you don't have one, I'll find one for you. If you don't like it, let me know!

You may join as a loner, a rogue, or a kittypet. A loner is a cat who can be helpful to SkyClan cats and doesn't cause problems. They aren't suited for Clan life, but are often given the honor of attending a Gathering, where they can report news and share with the SkyClan cats. A rogue always is causing problems for SkyClan, and often are exiles from the Clan. They never are allowed to attend a Gathering and are enemies of all Clan cats. A kittypet can be helpful or unfriendly, but still lives with their Twolegs. All loners, rogues, and kittypets RP specifically at the Twoleg Nest.

If you join as an apprentice, Fernstar or I will assign you a mentor (depending on who sees your post first). We will post it on the Highcliff/Clearing page, and on the SkyClan cats page. If you want a particular mentor, let me or Fernstar know! If you join as a kit that wasn't up for joining, then ask me or Fernstar about getting you adopted by a queen (if there are no queens, then a she-cat warrior). If you join as a nursing queen (you can't join as a queen with kits) be sure to list what happened to your old mate. If you have any questions, let me know! Also, now you have to post the secret word to show that you have read the rules. The secret word is listed in the rules, and carefully hide it somewhere in your description (for example, IF the word was Happiness, then you can put Description: Beautiful happiness silver tabby...) Make sure that anyone who hasn't read the rules won't catch on and post it in somewhere!


Kits up for joining

Here is where I'll post kits queens have had. Their descriptions, genders, and names will already have been prepared, and you can fill out the rest of the information. Sometimes, if there are too many kits, I'll ask you to join as one before you join as anyone else. If you don't like the picture I put up for the kit, tell me!!!

Greykit- A grey-colored she-cat with blue eyes (Parents are Suntiger and Cinderfur)

Redkit-A red and white- colored tom with blue eyes (Parents are Suntiger and Cinderfur)

Gingerkit- A ginger-colored she-cat with blue eyes (Parents are Suntiger and Cinderfur)




Cats that have been deleted




Feathertail now owns this site. Waterheart was eaten by a badger (not really, but that's what you can pretend!) I'm so sorry for leaving you guys, but please get the whole story below in the Guestbook!