Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

The Medicine Cat Den

Here's where the medicine cat lives! When the stream was a gigantic river, the Highcliff was almost submerged. The relentless pounding of the waves formed a comfortable cave beneath the top of the Highcliff. There's even a small ledge the medicine cat can stand on that juts out just a little farther than the top of the Highcliff, so cats can just tilt their heads up easily and see the leader from the ledge. A smooth, worn path winds around the Highledge and is easy to walk up and down. Inside the medicine cat's cave is a comfy, sandy floor and an alcove near the back for resting in. A small hole in the roof at the back of the cave lets rainwater fill in a small dip in the stone floor, so it's easy for sick cats to get a drink, as well as the medicine cat to be able to read signs on a clear night. Niches in the wall are perfect for storing herbs in. Have fun in here- just hope the next time you come in you won't be injured!