Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

The Nursery

Here is the nursery. A large boulder that leans against the Highcliff has formed the nursery. A boulder at the back of the nursery protects from predatdors outside the camp, and the entrance has been made smaller by lichens and mosses, woven through with reeds and sticks, hanging down from both the boulder and the Highcliff. The floor is sandy and soft so the kits won't hurt themselves when playing, and the sides and back of the cave are all lined with moss, where the queens and their kits sleep. Small niches in the Highcliff also are used to store toys for the kits, like little pieces of fur taken from a piece of prey. It is very comfortable in the nursery, and there are never any thorns or sharp bits that the kits could hurt themselves on.

Current queens and their kits:

Leopardstripe ( looks after Nightkit, Swiftkit and Brightkit.)