Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

SkyClan Cats

Here are the cats of SkyClan! You can see the different cats here, and there is a chat box just to chat about random stuff so you don't clog up the other chat boxes. Trust me, I've done that on RP sites before since my "Internet" friends and I will suddenly start talking about our pets and stuff and before you know it, the nursery isn't filled with posts by kits anymore . So catch yourself before you do what I do. I'll choose a picture for you if you don't feel like choosing one for yourself, but if you don't like the pic, let me know!


Fernstar- A small, pale silver she-cat with jet-black stripes and dots all over her body and sky-blue eyes. She is cunning, witty, always happy and funny, yet compassionate when it is needed. She was born to lead, is very hard to get angry, and is pretty independant. Mate: Scarmask . SkyClan was driven out by the EarthClan leader Sunstar while Fernstar was leader. She went to SeaClan and DarkClan and found many friends there along her new mate, Scarmask. They cared for her clan and then when it was time to go, Scarmask came with her and they had kits. (Waterheart, Rosepaw, Sandpaw, and Moonbeam) Now, thanks to Waterheart, SkyClan is thriving again. Kin: Lunastar (mother), Bushstar (father) but that's another story... 

Lives Left: 6 (hasn't died yet)


Feathertail- A pretty grey/blue she-cat with grey blue eyes. She is loving, has lots of energy, is determined and loyal. Mate/crush:Cloudfrost  History:Lived in Riverclan felt unloved so left with her mate but her mate died on the journey.

Medicine cat:

Runningbrook- A lovely tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes and a small scar behind her right ear. She is caring, determined, loves kits and is kind to cats who are kind to her in return. Mate: None

Medicine cat apprentice:


Petalpaw- A pretty creamy brown she-cat with light blue eyes and darker brown rings of fur around her ankles and ears. She loves taking care of her Clanmates and kits. She wants to bring hope to the clan, and has a strong bond with StarClan.


Flamepelt- An orange tabby tom with green eyes. He is determined and caring. He is also an excellent hunter.

Scarmask- A large black tom with a scarred face. He is very annoying to his sisters, sneaky, clever, shrewd, and at times funny. Mate: Fernstar. Kin: Waterheart, Rosepaw, Sandpaw, Moonbeam.

Cedarclaw - A light ginger tom with mischevious dark green eyes. He has a long pelt, and a bushy tail. He is calm, funny, and high-spirited. Mate/Crush: Looking. Kin: Unknown

Wildfire- A small, calico she-cat with green eyes. She is very independant from being the youngest of her litter. She is also sassy, kind, loyal and stubborn. Crush: Cedarclaw. Kin: Scarmask (brother) Waterheart, Moonbeam, Sandpaw, Rosepaw (nieces), Fernstar (sister-in-law)

Rowanclaw- A brownish tom with a white underbelly and white paws, and golden amber eyes. He is watchful, sharp, and VERY HARD TO FIGHT! Rowanclaw is loyal to the Clan, and sometimes nice on occasions. He has pure warrior blood lines, has a scratch above eye from fight, and all his relatives are gone. Mate- Leopardstripe

Joyheart- A pure black she-cat with icy blue eyes, one gray paw and long claws. She is tough, sharp-touged, and wants to be leader. Crush: Cedarclaw. Kin: Scourge and Delia, and in many ways she is like Barley. Apprentice: Poppypaw

Bluestream- An extremely beautiful pure white she-cat with a long wave of hair covering her right eye and cerulean blue streaks running through her fur and violet eyes because of a Twoleg prank. She loves water and is cheery all the time. All of her kin are unknown. Aprentice: Honeypaw

 Grassheart- Grassheart is a pretty, smart, loyal and strong she-cat. Grassheart loves to go on adventures with or without friends. She hunts often and loves to makes friends. She can be shy but at times she is not. Can talk alot and loves to have atention. She would risk anything for her clan. Crush: Cedarclaw

 Cloudfrost- A white tom with green eyes and unusually long claws. He is nice and funny, and a decendant of the original SkyClan which has scattered once more. He is proud to be related to those cats and is happy to live in the new Clan. Aprentice:Falconpaw

Blackpelt- A black tom cat with blue eyes. He is strong but also calm. When he was a kit he got lost in a forest and Skyclan found him on there turf. And now he is a warrior of Skyclan.

Silverpool-Sliverpool is a pretty silver she-cat with dark stripes, she is flirty, smart, loyal, curious and spunky. Apprentice: Firepaw

Featherfur-Featherfur is a white and black she-cat with green eyes. She is playful but determined. She was apart of the old skyclan but then she got lost and later found the new skyclan and now she is apart of the new skyclan.

Shrewwhisker- A brown tabby tom with emerald green eyes. He is quick-thinking and smart a very good hunter and an even better fighter and is a warrior. He has a tendisy to descover things without meaning too.

 Lightheart- A stunning ginger she-cat with shimmering green eyes. Warrior of Skyclan. She is kind and very shy. She is also very easy to love all-in-all a perfect she-cat in a tom's eyes. 


 Leopardstripe- A she-cat with a striped golden-white pelt with greenish-blue eyes. She is nice and willing to risk everything for her Clan, and is adventurous and sweet. She has long claws. Mate- Rowanclaw. Her best friend is Fernstar. Kits: Honeykit and Poppykit

Roseflame-Roseflame is calm, yet snappish. She is usually calm and cool. Very courageous. She is a pregnant Queen. Her history is that she was once from Thunderclan and is a direct relative of firestar, his great-great-granddauther, her mother being the granddauther of lionheart. When she and her mate got fed up with the current leader, they ran away with five other thunderclan cats. They were on the border to Skyclan when they were attacked by a band of rouges. She was the only one who survived. Was accepted into Skyclan and is a pregnant with her former mate, Kiteice's kit's.

Suntiger- A pretty golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes. She is funny, calm and likes to be friends with other cats. She has a mate named Cinderfur but he died. He was killed by a badger. She would love another mate. She is expecting kits and she is thinking of naming them Gingerkit Redkit and Greykit.


Falconpaw- A pretty, little tortoiseshell and white she-cat with brown eyes. Her mother was killed by an earthquake when she was going to a Gathering right after she was born. She is rebellious, and often sharp-tounged. Falconpaw is also very smart and is a very good fighter. Mentor: Cloudfrost

brown-cat.jpg shatteredstorm image by leopardclaw_07Honeypaw- A brown she-kit with golden amber eyes. She loves to play and aggravate her family. Mother- Leopardstripe. Father- Rowanclaw. Mentor: Bluestream

06042345.jpg tough warrior cat image by frozenfire-roxPoppypaw- A small tabby with golden and white stripes and green-blue eyes. She is adventurous, patient, tough, loyal, and sassy. Mother- Leopardstripe. Father- Rowanclaw. Mentor: Joyheart

Firepaw- A flame-colored she-cat with green eyes. Mother- Waterheart. Father- Flamepelt. Taken care of by Leopardstripe. Mentor: Silverpool


Nightkit- A black tom with icy blue eyes. He is very goth, doesn't get overly excited and dosen't hang around with other cats much. He ights a lot and hates everyone, including his mother and father. Mother- Waterheart. Father-Flamepelt. Taken care of by Leopardstripe

Swiftkit- A black and white tom with amber eyes. He is intelligent, strong, sharpminded, but can be shy. Mother- Waterheart. Father- Flamepelt. Taken care of by Leopardstripe

Brightkit- A white she-cat with ginger splotches and hazel eyes. She is strong, determined, shy, friendly, funny, and brave. Mother- Waterheart. Father- Flamepelt. Taken care of by Leopardstripe

Greykit- A fluffy grey she-cat with blue eyes. Is shy and strong. Mother: Suntiger. Father: Cinderfur (died).

Redkit- A fluffy red and white tom with blue eyes. He is sharp and strong. Mother: Suntiger. Father: Cinderfur (died).

Gingerkit- A fluffy ginger she-cat with Blue eyes. She is funny and friendly. Mother: Suntiger. Father: Cinderfur (died)