Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

The Plot

Sometimes there may be a plot, sometimes there may not! Give me your idea for a plot here! If there is a plot, you'll find it here. Once I get about 3-4 ideas for a plot, I'll post a poll and you can vote for your favorite. Sometimes during regular RP, I may suddenly post something like "Rogue cats have been scented on our territory, watch out!" or whatever.

Current Plot: A horrible sickness is coming, one that could wipe out the whole Clan....

Current Prophecy:

The white, green, and black is coming...

Mysteries more brutal than battles

The sky is disappearing

Only the four have the key to the answer.

Cats I need for the prophecy:

-Four chosen cats; they recieve the prophecy and are scoffed at when they try to tell others. The medicine cat, leader, elders, and kits may not be a chosen cat.

Bluestream, warrior she-cat

Leopardstripe, queen

Joyheart, warrior she-cat

Wildfire, warrior she-cat

-Cats that will become sick and start coughing terribly... you guys are great at having diseases! You don't need to sign up for this, any cat can be sick! But we need A LOT of you!

-An evil Starless cat

Sign up for the prophecy here! Remember, you do not learn of the prophecy until a StarClan cat tells you!