Fernstar's SkyClan

Made by ♥Waterheart♥

The Twoleg Nest

The Twoleg nest is both dangerous and useful. It is the only place in SkyClan territory that has catmint for greencough and whitecough. However, the Twolegs who live here guard their catmint and have been known for throwing things at cats who try to grab some. Long ago, one apprentice broke her leg when an emergency outbreak of greencough came to the camp. She had been trying to get the catmint and the Twolegs threw something sharp and shiny at her leg. She spent many moons in the medicine cat den, but eventually healed.

The Twoleg Nest also is home to rogues, loners, and kittypets. The loners live in the barn next to the Twolegs' catmint, and are often helpful to SkyClan. The rogues live in the shadows near the Twoleg Nest and neither live in the barn or the nest. They cause trouble for SkyClan and the other cats. Kittypets live inside the Twoleg Nest. They can be rude, helpful, kind, or menacing. All the kittypets don't have a clue about Clan life, though!


22nd Best Cat in PremiershipLeaf- A pretty creamy-white she-cat with a soft, well groomed pelt. She has sparkling amber eyes and is swift and agile, despite her delicate frame. She hates to fight and isn't comfortable living with a lot of cats. She can be friendly, sweet, kind, and peaceful, but is a little secretive. Kin: Unknown. Mate/Crush: Looking



Fairy- A pretty frosted, spotted, gray and white, lithe she-kit. She has sparkly blue eyes, and is very playful and curious. Fairy loves to explore the boudaries of the Twolegplace, and doesn't really like to live with her Twolegs.